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TinyTask Macro recordings software tool is a Macros-based program.

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Excel, you’re probably well aware that macros are employed there as well.

However, if you’re working with Excel, you’ll need a thorough understanding of Macros in order to use them to develop an automation workflow.

What is TinyTask Macro Recorder?

The TinyTask Macro recorder can be used to automate manual computer processes performed with the keyboard and mouse.

If you copy-paste anything from one area to another, for example, you can use the TinyTask Macro Recorder tool to automate the process.

Because this automation application is portable software, you won’t need to install it on your computer.

How to Use TinyTask Macro Recorder:-

The dashboard will have a one-panel option bar once you’ve downloaded and installed the TinyTask Macro recorder program.

As a result, there are a few options such as “Record,” “Play,” and “Stop,” among others.

When you wish to automate a task on your computer, you must first click the “Record” button, then conduct the task.

It could be anything from opening and shutting a web browser to playing music, copying, pasting, and so on.

To automate them all, utilize the TinyTask Macro recorder.

You just set the number of times you want the same task to happen repeatedly in the application when you want it to happen repeatedly.

The application will then carry out the task automatically.

When the TinyTask application is running, you’ll notice that your mouse cursor moves across your screen automatically as if you were doing it manually.

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