How to Use Auto Clicker?

It’s important to understand what an auto clicker is before using one. Because we’ve encountered a lot of misunderstandings concerning auto clickers and how to use them.

Some people believe that using an auto clicker is illegal and that no one should use one, but we disagree.

Auto Clickers aren’t entirely awful when used properly because they’re designed to save time and resources while automating tasks.


Auto clickers are automatic technologies that allow you to click on a specific item repeatedly without the need for human participation.

Also, auto clickers aren’t just for games; they may be utilized in other sectors as well, such as form filling, data entering, and any other work that requires repetitive action and can get tedious.

Because you are sure to reach the life of your mouse in terms of clicks when you do frequent clicks on a mouse, you are bound to reach the life of your mouse in terms of clicks because they too have a defined life after which the clicks cease working when you do frequent clicks on a mouse.

As a result, if you use an auto clicker, those mouse clicks are preserved, and you can significantly extend the life of your mouse.

Now that we know what auto clickers are, where they can be utilized, and how they can help us, we need to know how to use them.

How to use Auto Clickers?

To utilize auto clickers, first, download and install the auto clicker of your choice. Then follow the steps outlined below.

We’ll use TinyTask as an example in this lesson, which you can get from here.

Open the tinytask software and execute it after the installation is finished.

Using TinyTask to record a macro?

Six choices are available on the TinyTask toolbar. How to record a macro is the one we’re interested in. We’ll record a macro that changes your desktop theme to a different one in this example. By pressing the blue “Record” button on the toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R, you can begin recording your actions.

After you’ve begun recording, go to Personalize > Themes > Theme settings, and then choose a new theme by right-clicking the desktop. By pressing the “Record” button or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R again, you can now stop recording the macro.

To return to your original theme, repeat the first step above. Then, in the toolbar, press the “Play” button to play your macro; you may alternatively play it by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P. When you play the macro, it will change the theme to the one you choose when you recorded it.

Then, select a folder to save the macro to by pressing the “Compile” button. To save the macro, click the “Save” button. The brief notice displayed below will be displayed. “OK” should be selected.

Playing a Macro You’ve Recorded

You can reopen and playback the macro at any time after saving it. To playback, a saved theme, press the “Open” button on the toolbar and then select the saved theme. To play it, click the “Play” button in the toolbar.

To enter a submenu with some extra settings, press the Options button on the TinyTask toolbar, as shown below. You may tweak the macro’s speed and customize the hotkeys from there. To choose alternate keyboard shortcuts for those settings, pick Recording Hotkey or Playback Hotkey.

Keep in mind that the preceding methods also determine whether or not games like Roblox tinytask can detect any unusual behavior on your account.

However, if you set the click speed or interval too high or too low, game creators may discover that you are using an auto-clicker and ban your account.

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