AutoHotKey vs TinyTask

Both AutoHotKey and TinyTask are Macro Automation tools, and if you don’t know what they are or what they can do, we’ll describe them briefly below.

What is Macro Automation software?

Before we compare AutoHotKey and TinyTask, it’s important to know what macro automation software is.

Macro automation software, as the name implies, is used to automate processes that are repetitive and must be completed multiple times in a short amount of time.

This macro automation program, for example, can be utilized inside games to automate repetitive chores by performing clicks on a regular basis.

You can even record playback and automate such operations with macro automation software so they continue to run even if you are not present.

Now that we know what macro automation software is, it’s important to note that there are numerous macro automation software available around the world.

AutoHotKey and TinyTask are two of the best among them. And in this article, we’ll evaluate and contrast them to find which macro automation software is the best.

But first, we’ll go over AutoHotKey and TinyTask in depth.

What is AutoHotKey?

AutoHotKey is a macro automation program that is also free to use and open-source.

It allows you to create free keyboard shortcuts, macros, and more on Windows.

As previously indicated, this software allows you to remap keys, create custom shortcuts, and automate repetitive processes.

However, the biggest issue with AutoHotKey is that you must know how to script, and this software has a learning curve, so it is not as simple as a few clicks.

What is TinyTask?

TinyTask is also a macro automation program, but the key difference between it and AutoHotKey is that TinyTask has a graphical user interface, whereas AutoHotKey does not.

It’s also worth mentioning that, while TinyTask is free to use, it’s not open-source.

You can develop scripts with AutoHotKey, but you can’t with TinyTask because the software comes with a few pre-built scripts that have restricted functionality.

However, TinyTask is one of the smallest macro automation software programmes available, weighing in at just 33KB.

It also features a little window for doing all of the tasks, which may be too small for a monitor with a higher resolution.

AutoHotKey vs TinyTask

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of macro automation software as well as the differences between AutoHotKey and TinyTask, it’s time to see how they compare.

While we’re about it, it’s worth noting that comparing AutoHotKey to TinyTask is unfair because AutoHotKey lacks a graphical user interface, whereas TinyTask does.

AutoHotKey requires you to learn how to create scripts, whereas TinyTask allows you to experiment with the software and offers a very basic user interface.

It’s also worth noting that macro automation software is all feasible because of AutoHotKey, which serves as the foundation for any software built on top of it.

Most users, on the other hand, will prefer TinyTask because it has more customization possibilities and does not have the same learning curve as AutoHotKey.

The nerds, on the other hand, will favour AutoHotKey since they can tweak everything and everything by writing scripts, and the possibilities are endless.

Scripts can also be downloaded from the internet and used with AutoHotKey.


TinyTask, as previously said, is lightweight, free to use, and includes a graphical user interface, whereas AutoHotKey does not include a graphical user interface and requires you to master its scripting language in order to create scripts and automate your chores.

It’s also why we think TinyTask is superior in every way, but the truth is that TinyTask would not exist right now if AutoHotKey didn’t exist, because AutoHotKey offers the foundation for macro automation tools, whereas others, like TinyTask, can provide a user interface.

AutoHotKey is the way to go if you want to use barebones software for automation, but we believe TinyTask will be used by the majority of users for macro program automation.

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