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Here are some fully functional Auto Click Extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox! Unlike Tinytask for Windows, this extension has a limited set of functions; nonetheless, it is up to you to decide which extensions are right for you.

If you’re looking for Tinytask for Chromebook, you can find it on our website!

If you’re working with automation or wish to execute repetitive tasks in your browser, such as pressing the Buy button during a flash sale or performing multiple click activities, you’ll need a browser extension that allows you to record your mouse click activity and respond to it when needed.

Extensions are software packages that allow users to personalize their Chrome browsing experience using web technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

It’s critical that you only install extensions from official sources like the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Browser Add-Ons portal. I

It provides some assurance that the program you’re installing is legal and safe, so be wary of extensions you find elsewhere.

Add an auto click extension

  • Open the Chrome Web Store in a new tab.
  • Click Apps or Extensions in the left column.
  • Find what you want to contribute by browsing or searching.
  • After you’ve identified an app or extension you wish to use, click Add to Chrome.
  • If you’re designing an extension, think about what kinds of data it will be able to access.

List of Auto-Click Extensions


Just click automation.

This is a straightforward auto-repeat clicker. If you need to click a lot, this is a good option. Shortcuts make it simple to control.

Start: Ctrl + ,(Comma)

Stop: Ctrl + .


Start with interval: Ctrl + Alt(Option) + ,(Comma)

This plugin is intended to be used in everyday web browsing scenarios. It’s possible that it won’t work with Flash or SVG-based games.

CTG Plugins:

A collection of easy-to-use plugins to make your web browsing more enjoyable.

All in one location, a collection of easy website plugins for a range of uses. Each plugin performs precisely what it promises it will do. The importance of simplicity cannot be overstated.

  • Scrolling is automatic.
  • Focus.
  • Press the pause button on all tabs.
  • Reveal Password.
  • YouTube – Captions Extractor
  • Generator of passwords.
  • Auto Click.

For those of you who enjoy playing HTML clicker games, here’s a handy tool that will help you get more cookies, candies, and cash.

My Chrome Extension is a collection of tools to improve your web browsing experience. An auto clicker is included, along with a number of other useful features.

You can use it to select a page element and a pace, and then your browser will click away. There’s no need to shatter any more mouse buttons.

This extension requires permission to read and update data in order to optimize your web surfing experience. This permission is solely needed to allow plugins to interact with webpages.

Note: The Auto Click plugin is not supported on all websites.

On the Extension’s Options Page, you can find detailed descriptions for each plugin.

Scheduled Click:

You can use this extension to schedule a click on any element of a page you’re on.

Do you want to make a click on that link or button happen at a specific time?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 now.

  • Find the ID of the link or button you want to be clicked (hint: right-click it and select “Inspect Element” from the context menu).
  • In the extension popup, fill in the details and click “Schedule Click.”
  • When the time arrives, BANG! the pre-programmed click will be executed automatically.

ProTip: It’s okay if an element you want to click doesn’t have an ID. In the Inspect Element window, right-click on the element and select “Add attribute,” then enter the ID.

Auto Clicker – Autofill

Anywhere there is an auto-fill input field, an auto-click button, or a link, there is an auto-fill input field.

You can set up and run a click speed test.

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